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Horizon Health & Subacute Center Fresno California
strives to provide excellent health care services exceeding your expectations. We have been entrusted with the privilege and responsibility to provide professional rehabilitative services to our patients and have built our company with the sincere personal commitment to provide excellent care. It is our aim that promised services are honestly, compassionately and skillfully delivered.
Horizon Health & Subacute Center Fresno, California
Horizon Health & Subacute Center Family SurveyHorizon Health & Subacute Center Horizon Health & Subacute Center

Dear Family and Friends,


This questionnaire is designed to measure our performance in meeting your needs and to identify areas for improvement. Your responses and comments will assist us in evaluating our performance. It should take no more than five minutes to answer the following questions. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation. Please click "Submit" to send your survey response to Email

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Nursing Care Standards
1. Help each patient to be as independent as his/her health will allow.
2. Quickly recognize and respond to the patient’s physical and emotional needs.
3. Nursing Assistants are professional and take adequate time in caring for each resident.
4. Licensed Nursing Staff keep family members informed of changes in the patients condition.
5. Residents’ dignity, respect and privacy are maintained at all times.
Nursing department comments and suggestions:
Meals and Dining Standards  
6. The dining room(s) and staff responsiveness provides a pleasant and comfortable setting for meals.
7. Provide a variety of meals that meet the patients dietary needs.
8. Meals are attractively prepared and given in a timely manner to the patients.
Meals and Dining comments and suggestions:
Physical Setting Standards  
9. Provide an environment that feels safe and secure for  patients and family members
10. Provide a comfortable, open and attractive setting that is as much homelike as possible.
11. Provides a clean, orderly environment.
Physical Setting comments and suggestions:
Patient Activities Standards  
12. A variety of useful and interesting programs are provided on as daily basis to help patients enjoy life.
13. Programs are designed to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient.
Patient Activities comments and suggestions:
Social Services Standards  
14. Provide family members good advise and assistance when choosing and entering Horizon Health & Subacute Center, as well as planning for discharge.
15. Provide emotional support and assistance to family members and our patients.
Therapy Standards  
16. Physical therapy was done in a well-organized and courteous manner.
17. Therapy addressed your physical needs and met your expectations.
Comments and suggestions for Therapy:
Management and Staff Standards  
18. Administrator, DON and/or other managers are responsive to patients and families when concerns arise.
19. Admissions process was professional and informative.
20. In general, staff are professional and attempt to fulfill residents and family needs.
21. Visiting hours are flexible and convenient for family members.
Comments and suggestions for Management and Staff:
Would you like someone to call you to discuss any of the concerns or comments made in this survey?
Would you recommend this nursing facility to a family member or friend?
Your written comments and suggestions are the most valuable information you provide us. Please take a few moments to give us your suggestions and comments.  
Has this survey allowed you to evaluate the facility in a satisfactory manner?
If no, what else would you like to let us know?
Our goal is to assure that everyone visiting has a pleasant experience. Please inform us if there is anything that would have made your stay more comfortable.
We always need and appreciate your positive comments. Please let us know what you enjoyed most about the facility and our staff.
Thank you for your participation and assistance. Your responses are most helpful as we strive for greater quality in our care. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly, please call (559) 321-0883.

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Horizon Health & Subacute Center
Horizon Health & Subacute Center
Horizon Health & Subacute Center

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